・2020.08.28 Some countries see pandemic as unifying. Not America by Dave Lawler

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Pew Reserch Center

・2020.08.27 Most Approve of National Response to COVID-19 in 14 Advanced Economies by KAT DEVLIN AND AIDAN CONNAUGHTON

But many also say their country is more divided due to the outbreak




 2020.08.30 04:28時点でのジョンホプキンス大学のダッシュボードです。

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英国 AIを活用した犯罪予想システムの開発を断念。。。


英国の内務省(Home office [wikipedia] )がAIを活用した犯罪予想システム、Most Serious Violence (MSV) の開発を断念したようですね。。。


・2020.08.06 Police built an AI to predict violent crime. It was seriously flawed by MATT BURGESS

A Home Office-funded project that used artificial intelligence to predict gun and knife crime was found to be wildly inaccurate



● New Scientist

・2018.11.26 Exclusive: UK police wants AI to stop violent crime before it happens by Chris Baraniuk



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・2020.07.28 SCIENCE & TECH SPOTLIGHT: Contact Tracing Apps

 ・[PDF] Full Report

  • 連絡先追跡アプリは、スマートフォンを利用するCOVID-19のような感染症の感染率を下げるのに役立つ比較的新しい技術である。
  • 感染者の近くにいて、暴露された可能性のある人々を迅速に識別して通知できる。
  • 連絡先追跡アプリは、従来の連絡先追跡の手段よりも多くの人に到達する可能性がある。
  • 政策立案者は、連絡先追跡アプリの使用を採用するかどうかを検討するとき、テクノロジーについての正確な理解、利用率、プライバシーの懸念など、潜在的な課題と利点を比較検討する必要がある。



  • Technology. Technological limitations may lead to missed contacts or false identification of contacts. For example, GPS-based apps may not identify precise locations, and Bluetooth apps may ignore barriers preventing exposure, such as walls or protective equipment. In addition, apps may overlook exposure if two people were not in close enough proximity long enough for it to count as a contact.

  • Adoption. Lower adoption rates make the apps less effective. In the U.S., some states may choose not to use proximity tracing apps. In addition, the public may hesitate to opt in because of concerns about privacy and uncertainty as to how the data may be used. Recent scams using fake contact tracing to steal information may also erode trust in the apps.

  • Interoperability. Divergent app designs may lead to the inability to exchange data between apps, states, and countries, which could be a problem as travel restrictions are relaxed.

  • Access. Proximity tracing apps require regular access to smartphones and knowledge about how to install and use apps. Some vulnerable populations, including seniors, are less likely to own smartphones and use apps, possibly affecting adoption.


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Wanted by The FBIです。




US Department of Justice

・2020.07.21 Two Chinese Hackers Working with the Ministry of State Security Charged with Global Computer Intrusion Campaign Targeting Intellectual Property and Confidential Business Information, Including COVID-19 Research

Indictment Alleges Two Hackers Worked With the Guangdong State Security Department (GSSD) of the Ministry of State Security (MSS), While Also Targeting Victims Worldwide for Personal Profit

● [PDF] 起訴状

● [PDF] LI Xiaoyu(李​​啸宇)34歳, DONG Jiazhi(董家志)33歳


■ 報道等

・2020.07.22 DOJ Charges 2 Suspected Chinese Hackers Who Allegedly Targeted COVID-19 Research by 


ABC news
・2020.07.22 DOJ charges alleged Chinese hackers for stealing trade secrets, targeting firms working on COVID-19 vaccine by Alexander Mallin

They allegedly stole hundreds of millions of dollars worth of information.

・2020.07.21 DOJ says Chinese hackers targeted coronavirus vaccine research by ERIC GELLER and BETSY WOODRUFF SWAN

A senior FBI official described the scale and scope of Chinese government-directed hacking as "unlike any other threat we’re facing today."

Bank info Securiy
・2020.07.21 DOJ: Chinese Hackers Targeted COVID-19 Vaccine Research by

2 Indicted for Theft of a Broad Range of Intellectual Property in US and Elsewhere


・2020.07.22 米、中国人ハッカー起訴 新型コロナの研究成果も標的


・2020.07.22 米、中国ハッカー2人起訴 日本も標的、ワクチン情報など狙う


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・2020.07.15 (blog) IBM & MIT Roundtable: Solving AI’s Big Challenges Requires a Hybrid Approach

・(news room) IBM Research & MIT Roundtable: Solving AI’s Big Challenges Requires a Hybrid Approach by Larry Greenemeier


AI and automation are largely synonymous when you talk about industrial uses, said panelist David Cox, IBM Director of the MIT-IBM Watson AI Lab. “A lot of what people mean when they talk about AI today is automation,” he added. “But automation is incredibly labor-intensive today, in a way that really just doesn’t work for the problems we want to solve.”

To leverage tools like machine learning and deep learning, “you need to have huge amounts of carefully curated and bias-balanced data to be able to use them well,” Cox said. “And for the vast majority of the problems we face, actually, we don’t have those giant rivers of data. Most of the hard problems we have in the world that we’d love to solve with automation, with AI, we don’t really have the right tools for that.”

Machine learning is good at problems that require the interpretation of signals—such as image recognition—but the training process requires a lot of data and computing power, agreed panelist Leslie Kaelbling, an MIT Professor of Computer Science and Engineering.

“For years people tried to directly solve problems such as finding faces in images, and directly engineering those solutions didn’t work at all,” Kaelbling said. “Instead, it turns out we’re much better at engineering algorithms that can take that data, and from the data derive a solution. For some problems, however, we don’t have the formulations yet that would let us learn from the amount of data we have available. So we really have to focus on learning from smaller amounts of data.”

Neuro-Symbolic and Other Hybrid Approaches

One way to find value in smaller data sets is to leverage a combination of AI approaches, the panelists agreed. Neuro-symbolic AI is one such hybrid method. Symbols were the original approach to AI, where programmers would codify knowledge, said panelist Josh Tenenbaum, an MIT Professor of Computational Cognitive Science. But that approach did not scale, he said, nor are end-to-end neural networks the answer, given the amount of data and computing power that would involve.











The COVID-19 Factor

The panelists were asked how the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has impacted AI research. In general, the pandemic introduced a lot of unforeseen challenges that have “broken a lot of models,” Cox said.

An AI system that, for example, might have been designed prior to the pandemic to better understand whether people who eat at fancy restaurants also shop at fancy grocery stores would have been upended. For a while, very few people were going to restaurants of any type. The same would be true of an algorithm designed last year to predict demand for N95 face masks in 2020. The pandemic’s unexpected and often unpredictable impact on society highlights the need for resilience in AI systems.

The pandemic shows a need for a more robust approach to understanding the world when it comes to creating AI, Tenenbaum said. That requires model building, not just large amounts of data that may or may not be available.

The pandemic has also taught the AI research community the value of virtual conferences, something that was rarely considered before the current travel restrictions. Even if conferences go back to being large physical gatherings, the researchers agreed that virtual conferences will not go away, having made it much easier for more people around the world to access and contribute to important discussions, which will have a lasting positive impact on the field moving forward.




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UK National Cyber Security Centre - ボックスツールキットに在宅勤務・遠隔勤務の演習を追加・・・


UKのNational Cyber Security Centreの中小企業むえkボックスツールキットに在宅勤務・遠隔勤務の演習を追加したようです。。。

UK National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC)

・2020.07.13 (news) Businesses helped to keep home workers secure with NCSC cyber exercise

'Home and remote working' exercise has been added to the Exercise in a Box toolkit.


Exercise in a Box toolkit

■ 報道等
An expansion to the successful Exercise in a Box toolkit will enable SMEs to probe the cyber security defences of remote workers

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英国議会 民主・デジタル技術特別委員会 - デジタル技術と信頼の復活


2020.06.29に英国議会から民主・デジタル技術特別委員会 - デジタル技術と信頼の復活という報告書が公表されていました。。。153ページに及ぶ大作です。


UK Parliament Select Committee on Democracy and Digital Technologies

・2020.06.29 (News) Democracy under threat from ‘pandemic of misinformation’ online, say Lords Committee

・2020.06.29 summary of the report 

・2020.06.29  Digital Technology and the Resurrection of Trust [HTML] [PDF] [Downloaded]


Committee Chair

The Chair of the Committee, Lord Puttnam said:

"We are living through a time in which trust is collapsing. People no longer have faith that they can rely on the information they receive or believe what they are told. That is absolutely corrosive for democracy.

"Part of the reason for the decline in trust is the unchecked power of digital platforms.
These international behemoths exercise great power without any matching accountability, often denying responsibility for the harm some of the content they host can cause, while continuing to profit from it.

"We've seen clear evidence of this in recent months through a dangerous rise of misinformation about COVID-19. We have become aware of the ways in which misinformation can damage an individual’s health along with a growing number of instances where it is our collective democratic health that’s under threat.  That must stop – it is time for the Government to get a grip of this issue.
They should start by taking steps to immediately bring forward a Draft Online Harms Bill.
We heard that on the current schedule the legislation may not be in place until 2024.
That is clearly unacceptable.

"We have set out a programme for change that, taken as a whole, can allow our democratic institutions to wrestle power back from unaccountable corporations and begin the slow process of restoring trust. Technology is not a force of nature and can be harnessed for the public good.
The time to do so is now."


  • The report says the Government must take action 'without delay' to ensure tech giants are held responsible for the harm done to individuals, wider society and our democratic processes through misinformation widely spread on their platforms.
  • The Committee says online platforms are not 'inherently ungovernable' but power has been ceded to a "few unelected and unaccountable digital corporations" including Facebook and Google, and politicians must act now to hold those corporations to account when they are shown to negatively influence public debate and undermine democracy.
  • The Committee sets out a package of reforms which, if implemented, could help restore public trust and ensure democracy does not 'decline into irrelevance'.


Continue reading "英国議会 民主・デジタル技術特別委員会 - デジタル技術と信頼の復活"

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At a joint press conference today, French and Dutch law enforcement and judicial authorities, Europol and Eurojust have presented the impressive results of a joint investigation team to dismantle EncroChat, an encrypted phone network widely used by criminal networks.

● Euro Just

・2020.07.02 Dismantling of an encrypted network sends shockwaves through organised crime groups across Europe



・2020.07.02 NCA and police smash thousands of criminal conspiracies after infiltration of encrypted communication platform in UK’s biggest ever law enforcement operation



■ 報道

・2020.06.19 Texts Claim Hack of Encrypted Phone Company Used by Hitmen by Joseph Cox

Messages allegedly sent to Encrochat users warned of a law enforcement takeover. Europol said it won’t comment on "ongoing operations." 

2020.06.22 Encrypted Phone Network Says It's Shutting Down After Police Hack bJoseph Cox

Encrochat's customers include hitmen and drug gangs across Europe.

・2020.07.03 How Police Secretly Took Over a Global Phone Network for Organized Crime by Joseph Cox

Police monitored a hundred million encrypted messages sent through Encrochat, a network used by career criminals to discuss drug deals, murders, and extortion plots.

● Irish News
・2020.06.20 Wave of arrests after breach of encrypted communication network by ALLISON MORRIS

Encrochat sent an urgent message last weekend to all users to destroy their handsets after a breach.

Within hours police on both sides of the border were engaged in search and arrest operations.

Encrochat cannot be used to make voice calls. It uses a wifi signal rather than mobile networks and users are limited to text or picture messages.

Last Saturday users received an urgent message saying security across Europe had been compromised for around 30 minutes.

The company said: "Due to the level of sophistication of the attack and the malware code, we can no longer guarantee the security of your device. We took immediate action on our network by disabling connectivity to combat the attack.

"You are advised to power off and physically dispose of your device immediately".

Subsequently a number of people have appeared in court charged with offences alleged to be based on encrypted phone evidence.

・2020.06.25 Leading Co Tyrone republican's home searched in encrypted calls probe by ALLISON MORRIS


● CNN 
・2020.07.02 Hundreds arrested after police infiltrate secret criminal phone network by Emma Reynolds, CNN

An encrypted messaging service used exclusively by criminals has been infiltrated by police in a major operation, leading to hundreds of arrests and the seizure of firearms, drugs and millions of dollars in cash.

● Sky News - UK
・2020.07.02 Encrochat: Moment police raid criminal networks


● Romefod Recorder
・2020.07.02 Hundreds arrested across Essex and London as criminal instant messaging platform is cracked

● TechCrunch
・2020.07.03 Police roll up crime networks in Europe after infiltrating popular encrypted chat app by Devin Coldewey


● xakep
・2020.07.03 (НОВОСТИПравоохранители ликвидировали сервис Encrochat и произвели почти 750 арестов by  

Евпропол, британское Национальное агентство по борьбе с преступностью (NCA), а также правоохранительные органы Франции, Швеции, Норвегии и Нидерландов официально сообщили о ликвидации платформы для зашифрованных коммуникаций Encrochat, которой пользовались более 60 000 преступников по всему миру.

telecoms com
・2020.07.03 EncroChat hack shows there’s no such thing as secure communications by Scott Bicheno

The company - which had severs in France - provided an encrypted phone network widely used by criminal, according to Europol.

● Mail online
・2020.07.03 The gangland figures murdered in hits ordered on EncroChat: How killings of Salford's 'Mr Big' Paul Massey and mob 'fixer' John Kinsella were called in using encrypted phone network

  • The secret mobile system was used by Iceman killer Mark Fellows in his hits
  • Paul Massey and John Kinsella were executed in the gun murders
  • Drug gangsters Andrew Venna and Matthew Cornwall also used EncroChat app
  • Once system was hacked one of UK's most wanted was tracked down in Spain
  • Police forces used data to carry out Britain's biggest crime bust yesterday 

● threat post
・2020.07.03 E.U. Authorities Crack Encryption of Massive Criminal and Murder Network

Four-year investigation shuts down EncroChat and busts 746 alleged criminals for planning murders, selling drugs and laundering money.

● Sky News
・2020.07.03 EncroChat: What it is, who was running it, and how did criminals get their encrypted phones?

● News Shopper
・2020.07.03 Encrochat: Raids take down top London and Kent crime gangs by Jamie Bennett-Ness

Further details have been released on a series of raids against 'untouchable' top-tier criminals after police took town crime communications network, Encrochat, including data on a series raids in Gravesend which saw five people arrested and 24.5kg of cocaine and £213,000 seized.


● NL Times


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UK-ICO 連絡先追跡のために個人データを収集する企業に対するICOガイダンスの公表に関する声明


英国の情報コミッショナー(Information Commisioner's Office : ICO)は、「連絡先追跡のために個人データを収集する企業に対するICOガイダンスの公表に関する声明」を公表しています。


● ICO 

2020.07.02 Statement on the publication of ICO guidance to businesses collecting personal data for contact tracing

Statement from Deputy Chief Executive Paul Arnold as the ICO publishes initial guidance for businesses asked to record and maintain personal data of customers, staff and visitors in support of the test and trace scheme.

Contact tracing - protecting customer and visitor details


A : Ask for only what’s needed(必要な事だけ尋ねる)

B : Be transparent with customers(顧客に対して透明である)

C : Carefully store the data(データは注意して保存する)

D : Don’t use it for other purposes(目的外利用しない)

E : Erase it in line with government guidance(政府の指導にしたがって消去する


Data protection and coronavirus information hub

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Oktaのプライバシーのコストについてのレポート (2020) をどう読むか???




● Okta

The Cost of Privacy 2020

・2020.06.24 (blog) The Cost of Privacy: Understanding the Global Ramifications of Data Collection by Frederic Kerrest


1 消費者は自分のデータの追跡の程度について過小評価している

2 消費者は、COVID-19の感染拡大を追跡することを含め、プライバシーが優先すると思っている

3 政府への不信感が高い

4 消費者は多少の現金よりプライバシーを重視する

5 本人確認が民主主義に打撃を与えているが、郵送投票が助けになるかもしれない


・2020.07.01 Data privacy Most Brits willing to trade privacy for robust COVID-19 contact tracing efforts by Jay Jay

A new survey has found that a majority of Brits are willing to forego their privacy to help set up a robust COVID-19 contact tracing system that can prevent the spread of the virus.


UK Tech News
・2020.06.26 Privacy concerns as 84% of UK citizens believe their contact tracing data will be used for purposes unrelated to COVID-19


Most UK respondents are uncomfortable with the idea of companies collecting their data, particularly offline conversations overheard by devices (82%), passwords (79%) and biometric data (77%). 82% are also worried their data will be held insecurely, in addition to concerns about sacrificing too much privacy (76%) and impacting finances, such as insurance premiums (62%).




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