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● EU

・2020.12.01 Video conference of ASEAN-EU foreign ministers

Main results

The 23rd ASEAN-EU ministerial video conference brought together foreign ministers of the European Union and their counterparts from the 10 member states of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN).

They reaffirmed the significant role played by ASEAN and the European Union in shaping the political, socio-economic, and security agenda for both regions and globally, and upgraded EU-ASEAN relations to a Strategic Partnership.

・[PDF] EU-ASEAN strategic partnership (factsheet)

  • Economic cooperation
    • circular economy
    • fiscal and financial stability
    • sustainable financing
    • free and fair trade based on cross-border rules and regulations
    • labour rights
    • creating jobs in an interconnected world

  • Security cooperation
    • preserving peace and stability
    • fighting against transnational crime and counter terrorism
    • cybersecurity
    • maritime security

  • Sustainable connectivity
    • diversifying and simplifying transport linkages
    • promoting renewable energy and security of supply
    • cooperation in the field of education
    • research
    • innovation
    • culture and tourism
  • Sustainable development
    • human rights
    • climate change and biodiversity
    • clean energy transition
    • smart cities
    • healthy oceans
    • environmental protection

・2020.12.01 Co-chairs' press release of the 23rd ASEAN-EU ministerial meeting

・2020.12.01 EU-ASEAN joint ministerial statement on connectivity

We recognised digital connectivity with a focus on our people as a key enabler to inclusive growth and sustainable development through cooperation in the areas of digital innovation, digital infrastructure and logistics, digitalisation of manufacturing and services, ICT security, the adoption of technology by MSMEs, and increasing access to digital services, ensuring protection of personal and consumers' data and privacy.



  1. デジタル・イノベーション
  2. デジタル・インフラとロジスティクス
  3. 製造とサービスのデジタル化
  4. ICTセキュリティ
  5. 中小企業による技術の採用
  6. デジタル・サービスへのアクセスの増加
  7. 個人と消費者のデータとプライバシーの保護を確保したデジタル・サービスへのアクセスの増加



・[PDF] EU-ASEAN relations (factsheet)

・[PDF] EU and ASEAN partners in connectivity (factsheet)

・2020.12.01 Team Europe COVID-19 response: EU announces €20 million to support health systems in ASEAN


■ 参考


・2020.12.01 防衛省 防衛研究所 米大統領選後の安全保障の展望 ASEAN, 中国, 南アジア

・2020.12.01 インド太平洋地域における米中競争 by RAND研究所 2020.11.12



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