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Naikon APTがオーストラリア等のAPACの政府組織をターゲットにしている?


Check Pointのリサーチによると、中国のAPTグループ?のNaikon APTがオーストラリア等のAPACの政府組織をターゲットした活動をしているようですね。

Check Point - Research

・2020.05.07 Naikon APT: Cyber Espionage Reloaded

Infection Chains

Throughout our research, we witnessed several different infection chains being used to deliver the Aria-body backdoor. Our investigation started when we observed a malicious email sent from a government embassy in APAC to an Australian state government, named The Indians Way.doc. This RTF file, which was infected (weaponized) with the RoyalRoad exploit builder, drops a loader named intel.wll into the target PC’s Word startup folder. The loader in turn tries to download and execute the next stage payload from spool.jtjewifyn[.]com.

This is not the first time we have encountered this version of the RoyalRoad malware which drops a filename named intel.wll – the Vicious Panda APT group, whose activities we reviewed in March 2020, utilizes a very similar variant.

Overall, during our investigation we observed several different infection methods:

  • An RTF file utilizing the RoyalRoad weaponizer.
  • Archive files that contain a legitimate executable and a malicious DLL, to be used in a DLL hijacking technique, taking advantage of legitimate executables such as Outlook and Avast proxy, to load a malicious DLL.
  • Directly via an executable file, which serves as a loader.

Infection chain examples



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