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BBC - News

・2020.04.12 Coronavirus: UK confirms plan for its own contact tracing app b

SC Media UK

・2020.04.15 UK plans its own Covid contact tracing app


● YouTube UK-Gov

・2020.04.12 Watch again: Matt Hancock gives new coronavirus update


TraceTogether, safer together - SG-Gov

OpenTrace - GitHub




BlueTrace: A privacy-preserving protocol for community-driven contact tracing across borders



Light Blue Touchpaper - the Security Group at the University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory

・2020.04.12 Contact Tracing in the Real World

Cryptology ePrint Archive

・2020.04.08 Report 2020/399 Analysis of DP3T by Serge Vaudenay

・[PDF] Analysis of DP3T

Abstract: To help fighting the COVID-19 pandemic, the Pan-European Privacy-Preserving Proximity Tracing (PEPP-PT) project proposed a Decentralized Privacy-Preserving Proximity Tracing (DP3T) system. This helps tracking the spread of SARS-CoV-2 virus while keeping the privacy of individuals safe. In this report, we analyze the security and the privacy protection of DP3T. Without questioning how effective it could be against the pandemic, we show that it may introduce severe risks to society. Furthermore, we argue that some privacy protection measurements by DP3T may have the opposite affect of what they were intended to. Specifically, sick and reported people may be deanonymized, private encounters may be revealed, and people may be coerced to reveal the private data they collect.


« GAO 国防総省はサイバー衛生を改善する必要があるので7つの推奨事項を作ったよ!という報告書 | Main | 個人情報保護委員会 「テレワーク等により自宅においてマイナンバーを取り扱っても問題ないか」 »


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