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NIST SP800-53関係の情報

 こんにちは、丸山満彦です。最近あまり、NIST SP800シリーズを真面目に読んでいなかったので、反省して、再びチェックを強化することにしました。。。


・2010.05.01 sp800-53-rev3-final_updated-errata_05-01-2010.pdf


・2010.05.01 SP 800-53 A Rev. 1 DRAFT Guide for Assessing the Security Controls in Federal Information Systems and Organizations, Building Effective Security Assessment Plans


* Elimination of the Extended Assessment Procedure;

* Simplification of and common nomenclature for depth and coverage attributes;

* Elimination of the L, M, and H designators in the assessment procedures catalog, providing organizations with greater flexibility in selecting appropriate assessment methods for conducting various types of assessments (e.g., assessments supporting information system development, initial and ongoing security authorizations, and continuous monitoring);



・2005.08.29 IPA NRIsecure SP800シリーズ翻訳開始
・2005.07.20 NIST SP800-53A & FIPS 200 Draft


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